GWHI Shoot Preparation

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You amazing woman you,

So looking forward to photographing you (and getting to know you better) for the Girls Who Handle It project, thank you so so much for participating in what will be a powerful effort in supporting each other as women who handle a LOT in our lives. I want you to know that I recognize how much you have been through, and give you as much credit as possible for not only keeping it together, but for standing up and being vulnerable enough to be a light for others. You are amazing.

Please ensure that you have properly scheduled your GWHI photo session, and that you have received a confirmation email. We will meet at a classroom on UCSB’s campus for your shoot.

Image 1_SLO Senior Photographer Asia Croson Photography.jpg

Career Services Room 1416 is located in Building 599 across from the Art Building (See Image 1). Please enter on the mountain side of the building through the courtyard from lot 29. (See Image 2). 

Your photos will be styled just like the ones above-  a symbolic representation that we are all very much so the same, and all very different, and are all ready to put our hair up and handle it.

As you can see, you don’t need to wear anything in particular. You can come with your hair already up & styled, or we can do it here at the studio. It can be any kind of top knot you like, messy or clean, just make sure it’s at the very very tippy top of your head. Feel free to do heavier makeup application on your eyebrows and/or eyes (if you so desire), since that is only part of your face that will be shown.

The shoot will only take a few minutes, but I gave us a little wiggle room just in case, and because I would just love to get to know you, and hear more about your story.

I am really looking forward to it, sister. Let me know if you have any questions, see you soon <3 Call me if you can’t find me! 805-888-7448

Next step: Go ahead and request to join this incredible Facebook group for everyone participating in GWHI:

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